On-line Communication Services for Biotechnology, Biomedicie and Science


Creativity with rigour

When you want to communicate:

  • scientific or medical technology
  • A result or a finding
  • Any other thing

You want to engage and “capture” the people watching your video in order to make them really interested in your message

Creativity is essential for that. But, at the same time, your audience is many times a really expert audience. A lack of rigour could lead to the failure of all your project. Even worse, your audience could have a worse opinion of you after watching the video because you are sending the message that rigour is not relevant for you.

We are really creative , as much as we can, but we are always focused on rigour. This saves a lot of time for you. Reviewing our work for rigour is much more straightforward than other's work

And still our services are really cost-effective. This is possible because we have developed really efficient internal processes and this allows us to offer you very competitive prices

Working with us, time to deliver could be really really short. And we mean REALLY SHORT

We can do any kind of project, but short videos in a short time at a small price is our specialty

A short video is a good option because we do not have time. The majority of the people do not watch more than 10-20 seconds before stop watching a video

We work hard to get your audience captivated in the first 10 seconds. After that, we work very hard to deliver all the messages you want to deliver, ideally in less than a minute. People don't want to spend more than a minute in general, they want to spend seconds

In biotech and Biomedicine, a video could be very useful for explaining a concept or a mechanism of action, show a complex scientific issue or device, etc. But it could also be very useful for tutorials, instructions for patients, etc.

Here you have two of our recent works:

An explanation of Sandwich ELISA assays

An explanation of the mechanism of some drug adverse events

Please, tell us about your project